Hove, England 24th March 2011 – At CGTech UK’s recently held Reseller Sales Kick-Off Meeting (RESKOM 2011) strong company growth figures were unveiled for the previous year’s business activities (2010), which will lay the foundations for even more impressive results in 2011. Following a slight dip in 2009, CGTech enjoyed a global growth of 15 per cent in 2010 and early indications point to even further growth from the reseller network in 2011.

As a global engineering software business, 40 per cent of CGTech’s sales come from the USA, 34 per cent from Europe and 26 per cent from Asia-Pacific. The company provides both direct local support as well as expert reseller support to the various manufacturing economies around the world, and new offices were open in both Brazil and India during 2010.

Resellers sent delegates from Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel and Turkey to the focused business event, to see firsthand how the improved capabilities and enhancements in the most recent version of VERICUT, v7.1 can improve their customers’ manufacturing operations. And, to provide technical feedback from customers in many demanding industry sectors, such as aerospace, telecommunication, oil, gas and petrochemical as well as medical device and implants.

A gala Awards dinner was organised during RESKOM 2011, to highlight the importance of the reseller network to CGTech. Speaking at the ceremony, managing director CGTech UK, John Reed, said: “Most of our resellers have been with us for over 10 years, and in 2010 they doubled their share of the contributed turnover, with sales of our Vericut simulation, verification and optimisation software. With the strength of VERICUT and the depth of knowledge held by the reseller network, I believe this will increase even further this year.”

Two awards were presented for outstanding achievements in 2010, to Bee Pitron of Russia which was accepted by Vladimir Guselnikov, and KOM-ODLEW of Poland, with the award received by Ryszard Skoczylas. Turkish reseller, ÜÇGEN Yazilim, was recognised as the best new reseller, and an award was presented to Cem Alpay.


About CGTech
Headquartered in Irvine, California, CGTech specializes in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization and analysis software technology. Since 1988 CGTech’s product, VERICUT® software, has become the industry standard for simulating CNC machining. With offices worldwide,including UK, France, Germany and Italy  VERICUT software is used by companies of all sizes, universities and government agencies. For more information, visit the CGTech website at, call +44 (0)1273 773538 or email

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The attached image shows the CGTech UK’s team welcoming reseller delegates from Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel and Turkey