LS Automotive

VERICUT reduces the burden on LS Automotive’s programmers with technical support and updates. Korea’s leading electrical apparatus manufacturer, LS Automotive, became aware of the CNC machine simulation and optimization software VERICUT while seeking out software that could help optimize their overall manufacturing process. With a thorough process of testing VERICUT’s capabilities, LS Automotive confirmed the… Read more



VERICUT ensures the ‘streets’ are paved with gold Everything about Danish company Multicut borders on the unbelievable, from how the company was started to the success story it has become today, and even looking forward at the next steps it will implement in the near future. All of which is supported by the world’s leading… Read more

RE Thompson

Providing protection for a quarter of a century As a precision engineering business with a rich heritage RE Thompson has always taken the lead when it comes to the application of innovative technology. An early investor in NC machining equipment and techniques the company was also quick to realise the benefits of protecting its capabilities… Read more

Freeform Technology

VERICUT protects growth into new sectors for Freeform Technology If you have a background in the motorsport industry it would be natural to turn to it when starting a new business. That’s what the directors at Freeform Technology did in 2008. Today the company has an established reputation and has expanded beyond this initial area… Read more

Stangl & Co

Punktlandung im ersten Versuch: NC-Simulationstool VERICUT® ist fixer Bestandteil in der Fertigungskette des neuen „Roding Roadster“ „Leichtfüßig. Präzise. Kurvengierig.“ Bereits der Name gleicht einem Geniestreich: „Roding Roadster“ heißt der neue zweisitzige Mittelmotorsportwagen, dem Fachjournaille und Automobilisten bei der Markteinführung 2012 reichlich Applaus spendeten. Entworfen wurde der Bolide mit seinem Reihensechszylinder Turbomotor von BMW (320 PS… Read more


NC-Simulationssoftware VERICUT® sorgt beim Automobilzulieferer Pfaff für Fertigungssicherheit Konsequente Prozessoptimierung 50 Jahre Erfahrung im Werkzeugbau und strikt kundenorientierte Projektorganisation sind der Stefan Pfaff Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG nicht genug. „Aus der gewohnten Leistung eine noch bessere Leistung machen“, lautet die Erfolgsformel der Werkzeugbau-Experten für Dichtsysteme in der Automobilindustrie. Seit 2005 vertraut das… Read more


Aleris stays on the rails with VERICUT Since Aleris Aluminium Bonn GmbH invested in VERICUT CNC simulation, verification and optimisation software the company has significantly reduced its scrap levels and made dramatic savings on the time required to introduce new components in to production. Aleris Aluminium Bonn GmbH is one of the global leaders in… Read more


Verify and trust HydraForce Inc. manufactures hydraulic cartridge valves, electrohydraulic controls and integrated-circuit manifolds. Its standard and custom manifolds for mobile equipment applications permit users to consolidate hydraulic systems, minimize external connections and reduce installation and maintenance time. At the company’s 72,000-sq.-ft. machining facility in Lincolnshire, Ill., more than 700 different manifold blocks from about… Read more