Ultra Machining Company (UMC)

A Custom Job Machine shops aren’t the only ones taking custom orders No matter how good the software package, people can always come up with ways to make it better. VERICUT from CGTech is no different. Despite the fact that it’s now 30 years old and is on its 8th major release, CGTech, together with… Read more

Ecco Shoes

VERICUT keeps Ecco Shoes one step ahead Ecco Shoes has a vision to be the best shoe company in the world. As the only major shoe company to own and operate its own production and retail facilities it takes that vision very seriously. Protecting the production of its mould tools at every step is VERICUT,… Read more



Manufacturer Sets Its Sights on Toolpath Simulation When machining capacity and part complexity had grown to the point that simulation became necessary, Trijicon Inc. used Vericut software to reduce downtime while increasing production levels.   Along with good form, a crucial aspect of shooting accuracy is a sight that’s straight and true. Trijicon Inc. of… Read more


Quando virtuale e reale si incontrano   Se un’azienda vuole restare competitiva sul mercato, oggi non può esimersi dall’utilizzo di applicativi per la simulazione virtuale. Questo vale per la maggior parte dei settori industriali, meccanica inclusa. Ne sa qualcosa Santoni, azienda bresciana che da alcuni decenni è specializzata nella realizzazione di macchinari per la produzione… Read more

Blaser Jagdwaffen

Jagdwaffen aus dem Allgäu: NC-Simulationssoftware VERICUT® bei Blaser Eine Anschaffung für Generationen Köln / Isny, August 2015. „Technische Perfektion und klassische Eleganz zu vereinen ist eine unserer Leidenschaften.“ Bernhard Knöbel – Büchsenmacher und Diplom-Betriebswirt, Jäger und Flintenschütze – verweist als Geschäftsführer der Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH ebenso auf kompromisslose Praxisnähe als Grundlage fürs perfekte Produkt: „Unsere… Read more

Rohde & Schwarz

Staying 100 per cent collision-free with VERICUT   Since 2012 the electronics group, Rohde & Schwarz, has been using NC simulation software VERICUT as the interface between programming and production at its facilities in Teisnach, Germany. Since its introduction, all program-related collisions between tool and workpiece, tool and fixture or machine components stopped completely. Errors… Read more


G-SHOCK producer, Casio, uses the NC simulation software VERICUT VERICUT, the best software for automating your process Profile: After graduating from college, I engaged in design works at a major car manufacturer. Eight years ago I came back to my hometown, Yamagata. I enterd Yamagata Casio, as originally I have been highly interested in “G-SHOCK”… Read more


Safety first: Die Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG, weltweit tätig in der Fenster- und Türtechnik, setzt auf VERICUT® „Sicherheit – mehr als nur ein gutes Gefühl“   Köln/Münster, März 2013. „Wir werden präzise sein, in allem, was wir tun.“ Der Leitspruch der Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG („Winkhaus. Always precise.“) erstreckt sich auf… Read more

Holland and Holland

Holland & Holland sets its sights on machine safety with VERICUT Globally renowned for its bespoke range of shotguns and rifles, Holland & Holland is a company that operates in an environment where art and engineering go hand-in-hand. Protecting the manufacturing technology used by the company is CGTech’s advanced simulation and NC code verification software,… Read more