LS Automotive

VERICUT reduces the burden on LS Automotive’s programmers with technical support and updates. Korea’s leading electrical apparatus manufacturer, LS Automotive, became aware of the CNC machine simulation and optimization software VERICUT while seeking out software that could help optimize their overall manufacturing process. With a thorough process of testing VERICUT’s capabilities, LS Automotive confirmed the… Read more


VERICUT provide confidence for Euroform to run unmanned machining Established in 1993, Euroform is a family-owned company based in a modern 50,000 ft2facility in Budapest, Hungary. The family that owns the company also operates a mould tool company in Germany. While both produce mould tools the ‘sister’ companies support customers in very different industry sectors, plastics… Read more


Mit VERICUT® in die Pole Position: ACTech setzt bei Entwicklung und Fertigung von Gussteilprototypen auf marktführende NC-Simulationssoftware Keine Überraschungen Köln / Freiberg, April 2016. „Vorsprung behalten. Von Anfang an.“ Die ACTech GmbH aus dem sächsischen Freiberg macht den eigenen Slogan zum Programm. Die extrem schnelle Fertigung von einbaufertig bearbeiteten Gussteilprototypen und Kleinserien für primär die… Read more

Continental Barum

VERICUT proves the safest road to tyre mould production for Continental Barum As one of the leading global manufacturers of automotive tyres, Continental Barum has a long and rich history. From supporting race winning motorsports teams to providing safe and secure road holding for everyday passenger vehicles, the company’s products are trusted to perform. This… Read more


Without VERICUT the production picture would be incomplete Establishing a high precision engineering company supplying mould bases to an international plastics injection moulding market requires skilled and experienced staff. But what do you do if they are not available? This was the problem faced by Tirad, so the company invested in the best equipment and… Read more

M.C. Molds

A Final Line Of Defense to Making A Quality Program And Product M.C. Molds, Inc. (Williamstown, MI) is a blow mold manufacturer for the commercial bottle and medical industries while also specializing in the design and build of machine-specific trim tooling from concept through final product. The company has been using VERICUT CNC machining software… Read more

MGS Mfg. Group

NC Simulation Software Verifies Machining Paths—A Critical Step in the Build Process MGS Mfg. Group (Germantown, WI)—a full-service provider of manufacturing solutions to the plastics industry with services like injection mold design and build from prototype to multicavity production tooling systems, from multi-action to multishot in the medical/healthcare, caps/closures, electronics, automotive and consumer products and… Read more


Un exemple d’adaptation réussie : Vuillermoz Philippe SA En cette fin d’année, Machines Production propose d’examiner de près les raisons de faire confiance à l’industrie française pour croître et se développer. La rédaction est allé en chercher une excellente à Saint-Claude, dans le Jura, dans une PMI de sous-traitance. A lire attentivement. Philippe Vuillermoz, outilleur… Read more

Weber Mfg.

New Technology & a Little Ingenuity Pay Off Sometimes you don’t know how much better something can be until the right combination of circumstance, opportunity, and ingenuity click – and the light bulb goes on. Such was the case recently with the Nickel Tooling Technology division of Weber Manufacturing Limited. Nickel shell used to create… Read more