Mokveld Valves

VERICUT provides process protection at Mokveld Valves From its state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Gouda, Holland, Mokveld supports the global oil and gas industry with expert knowledge and advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications. Here, the critical control and safety of the advanced machine tools on the shopfloor is provided… Read more

Great Plains Industries

Go with the Flow Industrial flowmeter and fuel transfer pump manufacturer brings offshored work back to the US   When a company spends several million dollars on a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), one that’s expected to compete with offshore suppliers and revitalize the shop floor in the process, it’s important to make the most of… Read more

Elliott Group

G-code Simulation Ensures Safety and Precise Parts Not a single part lost to scrap after implementing VERICUT CNC simulation software Everyone knows that scrap parts and CNC machine crashes are bad, but when the parts are more than six feet in diameter, a mistake can be disastrous. To ensure operator safety and eliminate scrapped parts,… Read more

AS Delprodukt

VERICUT provides success with new technology. For AS Delprodukt, one of Norway’s leading precision engineering companies, the installation of CGTech’s VERICUT NC verification and simulation software has provided a number of important benefits. Specialising in complex machining as well as traditional plate welding projects, AS Delprodukt was established in 1966, in Kvål, approximately 20 miles… Read more


ReedHycalog is a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of drill bit technology and expertise. Acquired by Grant Prideco from Schlumberger in December 2002, the company has developed many innovations for the industry covering the range from bearing design to proprietary manufacturing processes, as well as introducing onto the market the first polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC)… Read more