Irvine, CA (2002) – CGTech is pleased to announce the Technology Partnership with Polyplan Technologies, a leader of e-Manufacturing solutions for process design and validation and manufacturing know-how management. This technology partnership provides the companies’ mutual customer bases a wider range of tools to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their manufacturing operations.

CGTech’s VERICUT® software will be integrated to the PolyCAPP suites of solutions. The integration of VERICUT® to PolyCAPP will complement our e-MPI (e-Manufacturing Process Improvement) offering by adding a detailed NC tool paths simulation perspective to our manufacturing process design and know-how management solution. Combined with our other validation tools, VERICUT® will enhance PolyCAPP users’ ability to design error free process plan the first time: this perfectly aligns with our fundamental goals, says Andr Gosselin, Vice President of R&D at Polyplan Technologies.

Our customers appreciate solutions that help take time off their production machining. Partnering with Polyplan Technologies enables our customers to link the software that accomplishes this goal with a system that bridges the gap between design solutions and production systems, and further streamline the product development process, says Bill Hasenjaeger, Product Manager at CGTech.

VERICUT® simulates full 3D CNC machine tool movement in their material removal process to ensure their NC tool paths are accurate, error-free and optimized before being run on the machine tool.

PolyCAPP is a knowledge based system that focuses on the “how to manufacture” aspect of production, by capturing, storing, and re-using the company’s manufacturing know-how, and assisting manufacturing engineering personnel in their process design and validation tasks. With its PDM and ERP connectors, PolyCAPP offers the “Integration Bridge” between CAD/PDM and ERP/MRP Solutions. Consequently, changes are coordinated immediately and effectively between engineering and manufacturing.

About CGTech
CGTech is the developer of VERICUT®, an advanced solids-based software program that interactively simulates the material removal process of an NC tool path and enables NC programmers to verify the accuracy and quality of the tool path without doing a manual prove-out. In business since 1988, CGTech has offices in the United States, UK, France, and Germany, and has resellers world-wide. VERICUT supports milling, drilling, turning, mill/turn, and EDM operations. Inefficient motion or programming errors that could potentially ruin the part, damage the fixture, or break the cutter can be corrected before the program is run on an NC machine tool. With VERICUT, manufacturers increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce NC programming time, improve the efficiency, reduce scrap and rework, increase safety, and provide a training tool for new programmers and machine tool operators.

VERICUT® also optimizes NC programs in order to achieve the most efficient CNC machining possible. Other benefits include improved surface finish quality and longer tool life. VERICUT® supports G-codes tool path files and native CAD/CAM files.

About Polyplan Technologies, Inc.
Polyplan Technologies is a leader in the development and integration of manufacturing engineering software solutions and value added manufacturing know-how consulting services. While Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools address the “WHAT” of manufacturing and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP or MRP) systems address the “WHEN”, PolyCAPP focuses on the “HOW” aspect of production, by capturing, storing, and re-using the company’s manufacturing know-how. PolyCAPP is a Knowledge based system and an e-MPI (e-Manufacturing Process Improvement) system designed to assist Manufacturing Engineering personnel in their process planning tasks. With its PDM and ERP Connectors, PolyCAPP offers the “Integration Bridge” between CAD/PDM and ERP/MRP/MES Solutions in order to speed up the product development cycle. PolyCAPP is therefore a key element of a federated e-PLM (e-Product Lifecycle Management) System.

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