Composite Applications

Programming & Simulation Software for Automated Fiber-Placement (AFP) and Tape-Laying Machines (ATL)

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VERICUT Composite Paths for Engineering
VCPe gives a composite part designer, mechanical engineer or process engineer access to the same software tools NC programmers use to create NC program paths that are subsequently used in the workshop to lay-up a composite part. Learn more…

VERICUT Composite Programming
VCP reads CAD models of the layup tool and ply boundary information that defines the laminate or ply stack and creates motion paths that add material and fill each ply boundary according to the user’s engineering requirements and manufacturing standards. Learn more…

VERICUT Composite Simulation
VCS reads CAD models and NC programs, either from VCP or other composite layup path-generation applications, and simulates the sequence of NC programs on a virtual machine.Material is applied to the layup form via NC program instructions in a virtual CNC simulation environment. Learn more…

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