PTC, CGTech, FactoryMaster and Seiki Systems, four market leaders in their own respective fields and at the forefront of technological development have come together to present the future of manufacturing practices. In this FREE one-day seminar you will be shown the benefits of completely integrated manufacturing, as we chart the course of a single component as it moves through the production process. From the first receipt of the order all the way through to the final inspection, you will see how Integrated Manufacturing is instrumental in improving shop floor efficiency and commercial control whilst simultaneously encouraging lean thinking and practices.

This seminar will be held on Wednesday 23 February at The 600 Centre, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

  • Discover what can be achieved with the unique co-operation of these four different specialised companies as they show the revolutionary ways in which integrated Manufacturing can dramatically boost productivity whilst slashing lead times
  • See how complementary technologies can be fully integrated to provide a tailored manufacturing solution for the most demanding business requirements.

This seminar is aimed at those who welcome innovation within the manufacturing industry and recognise the potential profitability that integrated manufacturing could bring. For further information or to register for this seminar: visit: 

About the participating companies: FactoryMaster is dedicated to delivering efficiency and profitability to clients, through well-designed, reliable and professionally supported software solutions. Through it’s popular FactoryMaster Manufacturing Software, it has been providing Manufacturing, Warehousing and Wholesaling Solutions for over ten years.

PTC develops and supports superior Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. The Product Development System works seamlessly across critical product development processes, enabling companies to bring winning products to market faster.

CGTech specializes in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimisation, and analysis software technology for manufacturing. The main software product, VERICUT, has become the industry standard and is used by companies of all sizes to improve CNC Machine Tool Efficiency.

Seiki Systems is a software development company specialising in DNC, Manufacturing and Scheduling Systems that maximise the productivity of CNC machines by minimising idle and downtime. The systems provide a paperless manufacturing facility, real-time MRP integration for managing and distributing work requirements, tooling optimisation and machine monitoring with remote information and performance reporting.

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