VERICUT News – Q3 2017  

As we enter into Q3 of 2017, here are a few highlights of what CGTech has been working on.

VERICUT User’s Exchange

Each year CGTech hosts VERICUT Users’ Exchange (VUE) events all around the world. These customer-driven events teach tips & tricks in VERICUT, and present a roadmap for planned enhancements in the software. CGTech just completed 25 North American VUES, with more than 600 customers in attendance. Worldwide VUEs are still being held in 15 different countries. We hope to see you at VUE next year!.

Air Cuts Only Feature

Are you aware that every seat of VERICUT Verification software is now capable of optimizing air cuts? This feature was previously only available to customers that purchased the OptiPath module. Now all customers using VERICUT 8.0 or newer can use this fast and easy optimization feature.

Early results indicate that our customers are experiencing a reduction in run times of at least 10% just by using this feature.

If you haven’t used this feature yet, now is the time to get started. Click on the image above to see a two minute video on how to use this valuable tool.


Check out our YouTube Channel for VERICUT 8.0 Tech Tips. We continue to update our YouTube channel to organize and display simulation examples. You will find several categories organized by machine tool builder, CAD/CAM interface overviews, composite applications, and more. These videos were made exclusively for the purpose of helping our customers utilize the robust functionality of our simulation software to save time, money, and generate a perfect part the first time.

VERICUT 8.1 Release
Scheduled for release in the Fall, VERICUT 8.1 will feature our new Additive module.

This new module will simulate both additive and traditional machining capabilities used in any order on hybrid CNC machines. Simulating both operations can identify potential problems that can occur when integrating additive methods.

Other notable upgrades made in 8.1: enhanced Force™ optimization, Workpiece Sectioning, X-Caliper measurement tool, Report template, and Grinding and Dressing operations.

Upcoming events in North America. Check our website for the most up-to-date information.


Los Angeles, CA
Sep 12 – 14

Orlando, FL
Sep 12 – 14

Mississauga, ON
Sep 25 – 28

SAE AeroTech
Fort Worth, TX
Sep 26 – 28

Oxnard, CA
Oct 10 – 13

AM Conference
Knoxville, TN
Oct 10 – 12

Colloque Aerotechnique
Montreal, QC
Oct 13

Wichita, KS
Oct 17 – 19

St. Jerome, QC
Oct 19 – 21

Greenville, SC
Oct 24 – 26

MMS Mexico Conference
Queretaro, Mexico
Nov 15 – 16

Carbon Fiber
Charleston, SC
Nov 28-30

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