Note: The VERICUT G-Code Optimization class is intended to illustrate how VERICUT software can be leveraged to create an optimized program derived from the original posted NC Code. The resulting program can improve performance, shorten machine cycle times, improve tool life, and minimize wear and tear on the machine tool. While all are welcome, this class is intended for users with a general knowledge of the core VERICUT product.

Training courses at CGTech facilities in the United States are $300/day per attendee. On-site customer training costs $1750/day plus travel expenses. Contact CGTech for more information.

Class Time
Classes start promptly at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 5:00 p.m.

VERICUT G-Code Optimization Course Overview

Day 1:
Air Cuts and Optipath Optimization

We’ll show you how to leverage VERICUT’s “Air Cuts” function to easily create new NC Code that automatically increases feed moves when not in contact with material. We also demonstrate VERICUTs Optipath Module which gives users an assortment of tools to create optimized NC code based on maintaining consistent Chip Thickness or Volume removal.

Day 2:
Force Optimization

Day two of this course will demonstrate how you can use VERICUT’s new Force module to Optimize an NC Program using physics based calculations derived from material testing and cutting tool geometry.

Day 3:
Advance Machine Building

Day three of this course will show the user how to configure VERICUT project files to produce the desired results during Optimization. We’ll also review how to setup the graphical user interface to better analyze “in-process” cutting conditions. The class concludes with an interactive workshop designed to let the user test what they’ve learned throughout the course.