Note: The VERICUT Machine & Control Building Class is intended for experienced VERICUT users. It is assumed that attendees already have a good working knowledge of VERICUT’s user interface and basic verification techniques. The class builds on your existing foundation of knowledge to advise on proper techniques for configuring VERICUT machines, controls, and master project files to be used by all users at your company.

Prepare for the Machine & Control Building Class

VERICUT Machine & Control Building Course Overview

Day 1:
Machine Building Introduction

This course introduces users to the basics of building a VERICUT Machine Configuration (VMC). Following an overview of the machine building concepts, you’ll learn how to layout the machine kinematics and then add 3D models to the VERICUT machine. On day one you will see how to build 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines and also a 2-axis lathe.

Day 2:
Control Building Introduction

Day two of this course will concentrate on the configuration of the VERICUT control. Following an overview of the control building concepts, you’ll learn how to customize a control to simulate how various G-Code words and data formats will be processed by VERICUT. We’ll cover how to: configure spindle logic for milling and mill/turn machines, customize a control to generate additional error messages, configure rotary behavior, and other control specific options.

Day 3:
Advance Machine Building

Day three builds on what you learned in the first two days and shows how to incorporate machine auxiliary components to your VMC. Topics include tool chain configuration, milling head attachment, pallet changers, and tailstocks. On this day you will also learn how to use VERICUT’s many trouble-shooting tools to assist you in the configuration of your machine and control. You will end the day with probing simulation sessions and file management suggestions.

Day 4:
Machine/Control Workshop

Day four is a workshop, where you will work on your own projects with an instructor’s assistance. On this day you will learn how to find and utilize the information to build an accurate VMC machine/control simulation.