Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with Zoller software & TMS for increased efficiency


ZOLLER vision system software is fully automatic and precise to the micron. It enables you to create accurate 3D models that can be easily transferred to VERICUT in a variety of CAD formats. Creating your virtual tool library has never been easier!

The VERICUT interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tools Management Solutions provides a direct link between VERICUT and TMS. A complete set of cutting tools for a job are quickly and easily transferred from the ZOLLER TMS database to VERICUT.

The Zoller vision system is available from Zoller.
The VERICUT interface to the Zoller TMS is available from CGTech.

Download Zoller vision system software PDF
Download VERICUT interface to Zoller TMS PDF
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Contact CGTech to request more information about the Zoller vision system software.

Zoller-to-VERICUT Interface