Irvine, CA (July, 2003) – CGTech has released VERICUT 5.3. This version includes several new capabilities for simulating, verifying, and optimizing NC programs, including:

CNC Machine Probing
The new version the ability to simulate CNC machine probing cycles for in-process stock inspection and automatic stock/fixture locating. When using a CNC machine to perform probing operations a number of errors can occur. The probe tip/stem could contact another object while not in probe mode, likely breaking it. The probe body or other machine component could hit something when moving and destroy an expensive inspection probe. Or, an error in the probe cycle logic could cause unexpected machine motion — which could crash the machine, destroy the probe body, or break the probe tip.

By simulating the use of probing devices on a CNC machining center with VERICUT, users can detect errors that could break the probe before the program is loaded on the machine. It notifies the user when the probe tip contacts an object while not in ‘probe mode,’ and detects any collisions. Additionally, it verifies that the probe cycle’s logic (which alters machine motion based on information gathered during probing) will not cause an error.

Super-fast Milling
VERICUT 5.3 features a brand new milling verification technique that is five to 10 times faster than the current version. This fast-milling mode supports ‘fixed-tool axis’ material removal at any tool orientation around the workpiece.

“The faster algorithm gives our customers – especially mold/die users with large NC programs – a much better tool for verifying and optimizing NC programs,” says Bill Hasenjaeger, product marketing manager. “It enables them to shorten NC program prove-out and optimization time, so they can produce more efficient programs faster and get their products to market more quickly and competitively.”

New CAD/CAM System Interfaces:
CATIA V5-to-VERICUT Interface
This new module integrates VERICUT into the CATIA V5 NC programming process, making set up, simulation, and optimization of NC programs easier and more efficient! The user can simulate and verify individual operations, a series of operations, or a set of NC programs. All stock, fixture, and design geometry is automatically transferred to VERICUT in the correct orientation, along with tool path, tooling, machine and control data and other simulation parameters. VERICUT runs independently, so the user can continue working in CATIA while simulating and optimizing NC programs.

EdgeCAM-to-VERICUT Interface
This interface enables the user to easily send model, tool assembly, and NC program information to VERICUT from EdgeCAM. Developed using Pathtrace’s PDI development tools, it simplifies VERICUT setup for seamless simulation of EdgeCAM NC programs. VERICUT is launched from within EdgeCAM, but runs externally so the user can work in EdgeCAM while verifying and optimizing NC programs in VERICUT.

SpaceBall and SpaceMouse Support
VERICUT 5.3 supports 3Dconnexion 6 axis input devices (SpaceBall and SpaceMouse) for Windows.

Hardware Graphics Acceleration
VERICUT 5.3 makes use of hardware graphics accelerators, including OpenGL, for faster and smoother simulation, rotation, panning, and zooming when simulating CNC machines.

Walter TDM Interface
This module provides direct access to the Walter Information Systems Tool Data Management (TDM) system. Lists of tools can be extracted from TDM and used in VERICUT.

Optimization Learn Mode
VERICUT’s NC program optimization module, OptiPath®, features a “Learn Mode” for automatically optimizing feed rates with no setup required. Learn Mode can be turned on and off at any time during cutting. To get full optimization information for each tool, the user runs the entire job with Learn Mode on. Turning Learn on/off during cutting is used to analyze cutting conditions for certain groups of cuts.

When Learn Mode is turned on, OptiPath scans the tool path file and finds the maximum volume removal rate and chip thickness for each tool, and uses these values to determine a combination of “Chip Thickness” and “Volume Removal” settings for each tool.

VERICUT runs under Windows and UNIX. CGTech is the recognized world leader in NC verification/optimization software technology for manufacturing. The California-based company has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, France, and Japan, and resellers throughout the world.

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