Irvine, CA (April 16, 2003) – CGTech, the leader in CNC simulation and optimization software technology, today announced that VERICUT® version 5.3 software supports SpaceBall® and SpaceMouse® 3D motion controllers from 3Dconnexion, a Logitech company. Support for 3Dconnexion’s motion controllers enables VERICUT users to be more productive by using both hands simultaneously in the CNC simulation environment.

VERICUT is NC verification/optimization software that enables users to eliminate the process of manually proving-out NC programs. It reduces scrap loss and rework. The program also optimizes NC programs in order to produce the most efficient tool paths possible that both save time and produce higher quality surface finish. VERICUT supports G-codes or native CAM output to simulate milling, drilling, turning, wire EDM, and mill/turn machining operations.

“Our customers asked for the ability to use 3Dconnexion devices in VERICUT,” says product marketing manager, Bill Hasenjaeger. “Using the SpaceBall or SpaceMouse is a natural progression in our development. It feels like the machine or part model is in your hand. You can zoom, pan, and rotate the CNC machine and workpiece models quickly with the motion controller in one hand, and use the standard mouse in the other to navigate through the interface. This two handed approach makes it faster and easier to view and inspect your VERICUT machine set-up and in-process cut model features.”

Along with 3Dconnexion motion controller support, CGTech has implemented support for hardware graphics accelerators, including OpenGL, for faster and smoother simulation, rotation, panning, and zooming. These enhancements combine for significant improvements in speed and productivity.

About CGTech

CGTech is the recognized world leader in CNC simulation/verification and optimization software technology for manufacturing. The company’s flagship software product, VERICUT®, is the industry standard and used by companies of all sizes, universities, trade schools, and government agencies. The California-based company has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, France, and Japan, and resellers throughout the world. VERICUT 5.3 will be available in summer 2003.

About 3Dconnexion
3Dconnexion, a Logitech Company (Nasdaq: LOGI), is the worldwide market leader in 3D input devices for the growing field of 3D motion control, used in the CAD (Computer Aided Design), EDA (Electronic Design Automation), GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and DCC (Digital Content Creation) markets. Over 250,000 professionals use 3Dconnexion controllers, including its industry-leading CadMan®, SpaceBall® and SpaceMouse. 3Dconnexion is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Wroclaw and Tokyo. For more information, visit

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