VERICUT User Experience Program

The VERICUT User Experience Program is a voluntary program designed to help CGTech improve it’s software application. The program collects information about how you use VERICUT and basic computer hardware information. The collected information will help to identify which features to improve without any interruption or impact on performance.

What Information Do We Collect?

Once activated, the VERICUT User Experience Program tracks which parts of the software you use and how often. The program collects basic information such as VERICUT version, customer ID, licenses used, menu picks, and functions (X-caliper, Auto-Diff, Optimization…). It also collects basic computer hardware information like graphic card driver, OS version and CPU information. The program does not collect any personal information or any simulated data or files.

The collected information will help us know the functions and modules that are frequently used so that we may focus on future improvements and developments in that area. The information will also help determine which areas of the software are no longer in use and if they are safe to retire. By joining the program, you are helping us prioritize our software enhancements on the areas of the software you use the most.

We do not collect information about any non-CGTech software applications.

How does the VERICUT User Experience Program Communicate with CGTech

The program communicates via an Internet connection:

      • Collected information is sent to secure dedicated servers. The collected data includes details about your computer hardware (such as the number of processors, graphic card and OS) and information about how you use the software – what menu and ribbon options you use the most.

      • Users are encouraged to Opt-In to the VERICUT User Experience Improvement Program. All users will be prompted when VERICUT starts for the first time to Join the VERICUT User Experience Program.

The user can Opt-In/Out any time Under Configuration >> Preferences >> User Experience.

      • The VERICUT User Experience Program’s collected data is sent out once the user exits VERICUT. If there is no Internet connection, the data will be saved to the user’s local drive for a period of time. The next time VERICUT runs, the program will attempt to send the data.

Access and privacy: Collected data is only reviewed by CGTech and it is used to identify trends and usage patterns in CGTech software and to improve CGTech products. The data will not be used for any other purposes or shared.