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Additive + Force Optimization

VERICUT Additive + Force optimization enables additive NC simulation,
verification and optimization on hybrid machines for metal AM + machined parts.

VERICUT G-code verification verifies the entire manufacturing process will work end-to-end (not just a single machining operation). VERICUT gives you the freedom to arrange additive and machining operations in any order to virtually manufacture the part- checking that all setups and holding fixtures will work, and verifying that the finished part matches the intended engineered design prior to optimizing.

Use VERICUT G-code simulation to verify additive NC programs and build additive parts, then use VERICUT FORCE optimization to create highly optimized NC programs for machining operations that run on hybrid machines, or on CNC machines that perform subsequent post process machining. VERICUT software used in this manner ensures safe and proper use of AM equipment, and ensures parts are machined with optimal methods for the specific part material, and within the safe operating limits of the CNC machines and cutting tools used to perform their tasks.

VERICUT allows you to step back and review the whole process, providing more extensive additive verification than any other software, and optimized machining for better and faster parts.

Benefits & Features of Additive Simulation:

  • Verifies laser activity, power, material feed, and gas flow
  • Detect collisions between hybrid machine and additive part
  • Identify errors, voids and misplaced material
  • Visualize realistic appearance of material deposition & machine features
  • Supports 5-axis milling, turning, and additive laser sintering
  • Simulate G-code programs for hybrid machines

Force Charts showing details of an optimized milling operation. Feed rates have been automatically adjusted to maintain a constant ideal Chip Thickness as much as possible, which results in reduced machining times up to 25% or more (as seen in horizontal bar graphs). Cutting forces are simultaneously kept at safe levels for the tool and CNC machine.

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