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CGTech Expertise is Available to Your Company!

When you invest in VERICUT, you’re not just buying a software program, you’re teaming up with a manufacturing partner with the largest collection of CNC machining experts in the world. CGTech’s company features and benefits include:

  • CGTech’s products, including VERICUT’s simulation technology, are developed in-house by CGTech engineers. This allows for quick changes and specific customization by the original developers.
  • CGTech enjoys very high retention of its sales and customer support engineers, providing consistent and experienced contacts for a long term business relationship with your company.
  • Your CGTech contacts are directly connected to VERICUT development to best support your needs.
  • CGTech has been a stable and consistently profitable business since 1988.
  • A large pool of trained VERICUT users exists in virtually every industrialized country (tens of thousands of seats sold).
  • As a result of our large VERICUT user base, long-term employees and direct in-house development, CGTech has seen most of the challenges manufacturers face. We are continually exposed to new manufacturing methods and technologies worldwide, and can quickly react to ever-changing industry needs.
  • As an approved vendor/product at most major companies around the world, CGTech is a reliable partner for your NC manufacturing operations.
  • CGTech has partnerships with all major CAD/CAM companies. As a result, there is a VERICUT interface to all major CAM systems. CGTech understands the processes surrounding VERICUT and knows how to make it fit smoothly into your methods.
  • CGTech has partnerships with many major machine tool builders to facilitate all aspects of VERICUT implementation.

CGTech expertise can help you gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to schedule a meeting where we will establish a plan for working together.