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PTC – Creo Parametric

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with Creo Parametric software for increased efficiency

The Creo Parametric-to-VERICUT Interface from CGTech provides an easy & convenient way to verify NC programs directly from within Creo Parametric. The interface can verify and simulate both Creo Parametric’ s APT CL tool path as well post-processed G-codes.

With the Creo Parametric-to-VERICUT interface you can verify individual NC programs, a series of selected NC programs, as well as complex milling, drilling and multi-spindle mill-turn machining configurations. The interface integrates the two programs to help you create the most accurate and efficient NC tool path programs possible.

Using the Creo Parametric-to-VERICUT interface increases the value of NC program simulation with:

  • Fast and accurate collision checking between machine components and part setup
  • G-code program syntax, logic and format checking
  • Simulation of complex machines, setups and machining configurations
  • Optimization of cutting feeds and speeds based on cut-by-cut tool engagement

The Creo Parametric-to-VERICUT interface is available directly from CGTech.

"Quick Start" Training Session

The “Quick Start” training sessions are designed to quickly teach a VERICUT user the “basics” of running a VERICUT simulation, using a VERICUT CAM Interface. Each download includes: narrated videos, CAD/CAM files, VERICUT files, and step-by-step training sessions in PDF format.