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Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with ZOLLER software & TMS for increased efficiency

The ZOLLER TMS (Tool Management Solutions) Interface to VERICUT provides a direct connection between VERICUT and TMS via ZOLLER DB Service. A Setup Sheet with referenced cutting tools for a job are quickly and easily retrieved from the ZOLLER TMS database by VERICUT for use in a CNC simulation. ZOLLER’s TMS Software generates 3D models of the tool assembly, contour data, and VERICUT specific characteristics that can be transferred via the interface to VERICUT. The tool geometry can be easily accessed by VERICUT in a variety of CAD formats. Creating your virtual tool library has never been easier!

The ZOLLER Interface to VERICUT can read in more than just 3D cutting tool geometry for use in a simulation.  Technology Data from ZOLLER’s TMS software can also be read in to use with VERICUT’s Force optimization software to further reduce NC program run times and lengthen tool life.  The Technology Data includes a specific tools cutting limits and optimization settings for each tools application on various machines as well as that tools use in different stock materials.

Use the ZOLLER vision system software to scan the physical tool on the presetter then utilize the scanned geometry in VERICUT for a CNC simulation. ZOLLER vision system software is fully automatic and precise to the micron. A DXF file is created from scanning the tool showing the exact shape of the assembly geometry. This data can then be stored within ZOLLER TMS and also accessed by VERICUT.

WEBINAR - Learn how to seamlessly transfer technology data from ZOLLER TMS to VERICUT to reduce NC program run times and lengthen tool life.