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ICAM Post-Processors

ICAM Technologies' post-processors are designed to take your CNC machining to the next level. With their expertise and innovation, they offer a range of features and capabilities that can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your manufacturing process.


Customized Post-Processors:
Every CNC machine is unique. Post-processors are tailored to specific machine models, ensuring seamless compatibility to maximize performance for a wide range of machines and manufacturing applications.

Accuracy and Precision:
Fine-tuning post-processing parameters ensures precise toolpath generation, minimizing errors and eliminating costly rework for efficient timelines and superior machining results.

Compatibility and Integration:
Post-processors seamlessly integrate with most CAM systems and CNC machines, allowing for smooth data transfer to streamline your manufacturing process. Whether you work with 3-axis, 5-axis, or multi-axis machines, our technologies work together to deliver reliable results.

Modernize your Manufacturing Process:
ICAM uses VERICUT Machine Configurations (VMCs) to configure post-processors, and CGTech works directly with ICAM to simulate post-processor output. By sharing data between ICAM and CGTech whenever possible, post-processor and VMC delivery is typically faster and at a reduced cost. Learn more about the benefits of the CGTech and ICAM partnership here.

Unlock the full potential of your CNC machines with ICAM Technologies' advanced post-processor solutions. Trust in their expertise to enhance your manufacturing process, increase productivity, and achieve superior machining outcomes.