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CNC Machine Probing

The CNC Machine Probing module has been enhanced in VERICUT to create CNC probe programs.

VERICUT is an ideal place to create probing routines because of its in-process model which is not available anywhere else in the CNC manufacturing process.

Using VERICUT’s simulated in-process feature geometry to create a CNC probe program makes on-machine in-process inspection a practical reality.

Additionally, by simulating the use of probing devices on a CNC machining center, you can detect errors that could break the probe… before your program even leaves for the shop!

If you use your CNC for probing operations, this module will help ensure that you will not destroy the probe or crash the machine during tasks such as:

  • Locating the stock and/or fixture and adjusting offsets
  • Measuring and adjusting for stock variations
  • Identifying stock and/or fixture configuration or part number on the machine
  • Measuring and adjusting tool or fixture offsets
  • Detecting tool failure
  • Inspecting critical machined features

Why simulate probing Operations

When using a CNC machine to perform probing operations a number of errors can occur. The probe tip/stem could contact another object while not in probe mode, likely breaking it. The probe body or other machine component could hit something when moving and destroy an expensive inspection probe. Or, an error in the probe cycle logic could cause unexpected machine motion — which could crash the machine, destroy the probe body, or break the probe tip!

With VERICUT simulation, there is no reason your probing operations should ever cause a headache! It notifies you when the probe tip contacts an object while not in ‘probe mode,’ and detects any collisions. It even verifies that the probe cycle’s logic (which alters machine motion based on information gathered during probing) will not cause an error!

How it works…

probing animation

It’s easy to create a probe tool. Simply specify the spherical “tip” diameter and shank diameter and length. Adding a holder completes the assembly and protects the entire inspection probe! VERICUT detects collisions when anything other than the probe tip contacts another object.

VERICUT then moves the simulated probe device along the specified path. Motion stops when the probe tip contacts an object, or when it reaches the end of the programmed motion. The probe motion results (such as machine axis locations) are applied in the probe sub-program with VERICUT’s standard control emulation, just like on your CNC.

VERICUT simulates all aspects of probe cycle subroutines/programs, including complex logic and Type II formats used to set offsets and make decisions based on probe results. Contact CGTech to learn how VERICUT can simulate your custom probe cycles!