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VNCK Integration

Siemens 840D Virtual NC Kernel (VNCK) Integration with VERICUT

The kinematics of VERICUT’s virtual CNC machine simulation is driven by the same 840D control software that drives the actual CNC machine!

VERICUT CNC Machine Simulation software is integrated with the CNC motion logic of the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D control using Siemens’ Virtual NC Kernel (VNCK).

The VERICUT/VNCK module provides complete coverage of the 840D programming language. This includes advanced features, unique motion control techniques and high-level programming options.

Once the VERICUT/ single mode VNCK module is enabled, running the simulation is simple. The user selects the 840D configuration file for the specific machine and the main NC program to process, then starts the VERICUT simulation.

*NC axis motion time is calculated using the VNCK, utilizing the actual motion control logic of the CNC.

VNCK Linked mode uses HMI advanced. Generally, HMI is used to define tool parameters, user parameters, offsets, NC program selection, modifications of cycles, etc.

The VERICUT VNCK Machine Control Panel (VMCP) is available in Linked mode only. It controls the simulation and other options (Program Start, Reset, Boot, Single Step, etc.)

VMCP (VNCK Machine Control Panel)