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CGTech training is designed to provide you with all the information and practical experience necessary to use VERICUT effectively. These courses are suited to anyone interested in performing NC program verification, including CAD/CAM users, NC programmers, and machinists.

The training program was very well laid out, thorough, and easy to comprehend. The trainer’s knowledge of the product was amazing. At the end of the week I had all the confidence in the world to go back to work and start implementing my new skills. I would recommend CGTech training to anyone.
~Alex Gioultouridis, Rand Technologies

Just wanted to let you know I verified and optimized my first part Monday afternoon. The Mastercam interface worked great and was a huge time savings. I was able to optimize the nc file for a 38.98% improvement in cycle time. The optimized file is currently running on our Milltronics BR50 and is running perfect. The boss is very happy and we are looking forward to using this new tool on everything. I have to say this was the best training course I’ve ever taken….  very good job showing us a lot in short time.
~Jon Matthews, Gibbs Machine Corp


Training courses at CGTech facilities in the United States are $300/day per attendee. On-site customer training costs $1750/day plus travel expenses. Contact CGTech for more information.

Class Time

Classes start promptly at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 5:00 p.m.

VERICUT verification Course Overview

Day 1:
Basic NC Program Simulation & Verification

This course introduces users to the basics of NC program verification. Following an overview of the graphical user interface and functionality, you’ll learn how to run a project in VERICUT. Special emphasis will be placed on how to detect and locate errors in NC programs. This course will also show you how to analyze the cut part by using many of VERICUT’s built-in analysis features, including the ability to compare the cut stock to the design data.

Day 2:
Job Configuration

Day two will expand on the first day and shows how to configure a job in VERICUT. We’ll cover configuring multiple setup projects, advanced modeling and assembly techniques, and defining tool shapes. You’ll learn how to use coordinate systems, subroutines and work offsets. We’ll also teach how to define and position the stock model, and orient the models on the machine.

Day 3:

Day three builds on what you learned in the first two days and shows how to integrate VERICUT in your manufacturing process. Topics include using VERICUT-to-CAD/CAM interfaces and how to customize reports for your specific requirements. The afternoon will be a chance for you to delve deeper into VERICUT features and will give you an opportunity to work on projects with the instructor’s assistance. Some topics may include: setting up and simulating your own files, advanced tool configuration, and NC optimization.


North American VERICUT Training Schedule

Training dates are subject to change without notice.
Due to class size limitations, registration is not a guarantee of a spot if the class is full.