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VERICUT 8.2 – Redefines CNC simulation

Modernized User Interface

Radial Ribbon is a customizable right-click menu that puts commonly used functions 1-click away.

The Ribbon Search Field enables users to quickly search for any VERICUT function.

Head-Up Display (HUD) shows the NC program or status items on top of Views. HUD keeps tabs on the NC program and important machine functions, while still keeping simulation Views as large as possible for optimal viewing. HUD is customizable.

Program Alerts highlight errors and warnings in NC programs. Hover over the alert to see exactly what the error or warning is. When running multiple NC programs, Program Alerts highlights the programs with errors in red.

Radial Menueband2

Force Turning & Calibration

Force is a physics-based NC Program Optimization module that analyzes and optimizes cutting conditions throughout CNC Program operations.

Force is available on Turning/Lathe and Milling machines. Force Turning makes it easy to change and limit the chip thickness and feed rates while cutting in corners, diameters, and tight spaces.

Force Calibration creates Force Material Files from dynamometer test data, and includes a Design of Experiment (DOE) planner, validates data, and shows statistics.

Tighter Integration Between OptiPath & Force

VERICUT’s two optimization modules, OptiPath & Force, are tightly integrated, which gives users a consistent workflow and eliminates redundancies. Both optimization modules benefit from 8.2’s added capabilities. There is also a “Stock Material Record” feature that records cutting limits and settings.

CGTech always welcomes input. User input is what drives the vast majority of enhancements included in each VERICUT release. We are listening.

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Improvements to the Additive Module

VERICUT 8.2 adds realism to additive simulation to improve verification of the additive build processes. These processes include, but are not limited to, the buildup of overlaps, acute corners, tight overlapping bead paths, and double-deposits (overlapping start/end points).

An alert message will appear when the Laser Focal Point is too far from the part’s surface, when there are excessive overhang conditions, and/or when there is too much build up at corners and overlaps. The excessive corner and overlap alert helps determine when it may be beneficial to make a milling cut.

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CAD/CAM & Tooling Interfaces

  • 3D Experience.
  • Edgecam 2018 R1.
  • ZOLLER TMS: 3D STEP tools.
  • Sandvik CoroPlus Tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts

VERICUT 8.2 allows users to set up custom keyboard shortcuts. Keybinding is more efficient and will considerably speed up workflow. 8.2 also sees the return of menus.

Custom Keybinding

Enhanced Model Utilities

Shading is improved when importing CAD models and they can be divided into pieces (subdivided models). Model features can be hidden which makes the model simpler and more efficient for collision checking.

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