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AS Delprodukt

VERICUT takes the guess work out of which way a combination head and table machine will turn, as the movement can immediately be seen on a PC VERICUT takes the guess work out of which way a combination head and table machine will turn, as the movement can immediately be seen on a PC

VERICUT provides success with new technology.

For AS Delprodukt, one of Norway’s leading precision engineering companies, the installation of CGTech’s VERICUT NC verification and simulation software has provided a number of important benefits.

Specialising in complex machining as well as traditional plate welding projects, AS Delprodukt was established in 1966, in Kvål, approximately 20 miles South of Trondheim, Norway. The company has a versatile and modern 2500 ft2 workshop equipped with the latest CNC milling machines and lathes, as well as modern welding and metal processing equipment.

In 2008, the company expanded its production capacity with the introduction of a new 30,000 ft2 industrial unit in Hofstad. Here the machines and welding workshop is set up for the production of large scale components.

Today, AS Delprodukt has 75 highly skilled employees providing machining, sheet metal fabrication, welding, assembly, surface treatment, product and prototype development services. It also provides complete systems solutions for engineering projects, including pneumatics, hydraulics, assembly and electrical/control. Customers are distributed throughout Norway and a large proportion of the engineered end products are exported globally.

Typical clients are advanced technology companies, in industries such as marine, offshore and seismic studies. These industry sectors demand fully tested products and Delprodukt holds approval for many NDT (Non Destructive Testing) services, including magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic and visual testing, both internally and externally.

AS Delprodukt is part of the successful Stavnes Group, and for many years the company has been setting the benchmark for advanced machining within Norway’s precision engineering sector. General manager Geir Stavnes, says that Norwegian Industry’s Machining Forum recently chose to visit AS Delprodukt as a window on the technological theme that was the focus of an industrial meeting held in Trondheim, during November 2010.

New techniques and new technology
Part of the reason why AS Delprodukt has stayed at the forefront of the industry is its willingness to adopt new techniques and apply new technology. This includes advanced manufacturing software supplied by the Jærtek Technology Centre. Arne Husveg, a marketing manager at Jærtek, says that Jærtek’s aim is to be an active contributor to keeping the industry at the forefront in competitive terms. This requires dialogue with the industry.

“One of the most important elements of communication is to be able to listen, and take account of what you hear. This is directly transferable to a client/supplier relationship. Having the opportunity to listen to a company such as AS Delprodukt that focuses entirely on technological possibilities – even in a recession – means that the supplier also gains strength for the future,” says Arne Husveg.

The state-of-the-art products supplied by AS Delprodukt place a great demand on the entire production line. Arne Husveg says: “It is not enough to be able to boast the largest and most advanced CNC machines. Nor does it help to be able to say that you can supply all manner of advanced machining, if you cannot also compete on price, quality and delivery time.”

The company has, for many years, been one of the most prolific users of Edgecam in Norway. The advanced CAM software has fulfilled the company’s expectations, and more recently an opportunity arose for Jærtek to present CGTech’s VERICUT simulation and NC code verification software to AS Delprodukt. Following the demonstration the decision making process was very rapid, and Delprodukt placed its software order in November 2009.

Easy decision
Geir Stavnes says: “It was not hard to endorse my team of knowledgeable colleagues’ recommendation for VERICUT. It has shown how profitable it is to relate to highly competent suppliers with class-leading products and solutions. Why should we use expensive CNC machines that cost up to several million Kroner to test a new NC program? Now my programmers can do this in a virtual environment, while production continues.”

Set up and downtime on the machines has been greatly reduced, and as a bonus, the programs are optimised so that machining time is reduced by between 15 and 30 per cent on average.

Production manager/NC programmer, Trond Svardal, can list several advantages of using VERICUT. “I can check whether the finished product generated by the NC code matches the drawing model. And, also have full virtual clash control of the machines and tool projections as they are calculated,” he explains.

He also highlights the integration with CAM, which means that tool settings can be directly imported from VERICUT. “The aim is for it to be checked virtually, so that everything works, and we can transfer the programs to the machine and press start. For us as programmers, it is impressive to be able to input codes directly into VERICUT and immediately see what actually happens in the machine. A plus is that when you are wondering which way a combination of head and table will turn, you can immediately see it on your PC. Not least is the feeling that we can go home with a clear conscience when a new program is due to be run on the afternoon shift. We know that the program is correct, and we no longer expect to receive any phone calls for assistance,” he says.

It is important for AS Delprodukt to be able to relate to a supplier such as Jærtek that has the same commitment level after the sale as before, confirming to the company that it has chosen the right product from the right supplier. “With complex machine tools, expensive workpieces and demanding customers, we definitely need to use all the possibilities offered by new technology. Our customers must be assured that we will supply the right quality at the right price and time,” concludes Trond Svardal.