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VERICUT Usage in Volvo Aero Norway

The software we use for the simulation of NC-operations is VERICUT. We are still in the introduction phase of the system, but for our most complicated products and operations, we have established all the required prerequisites to simulate the NC-programs. Especially for the manufacturing of a specific turbine case with a very complex geometry. (see picture) VERICUT enabled us to start ordinary production after a minimum of time. Since this product is new for Volvo Aero Norge and our company had never before had parts with similar machining complexity, it is difficult to estimate the amount of cost saving. Our NC-programmers claim that generating the NC-programs without VERICUT would have been almost impossible. We consider VERICUT as one of the most important contributors to a successful startup of a new NC-operation.

Volvo Aero Norge is a new member of the VERICUT user family, and we are still testing different setups of the system to be able to simulate the most complex of our machine tools and production operations. Therefore we need help from CGTech now and then, especially for modeling all our different NC-controllers. In this situation, the support of CGTech is superb. The problems we have and the questions we ask are solved in a minimum of time. The communication by sending complete VERICUT-setups via e-mail back and forth works without problems and is very effective.

All in all, VERICUT has become an important piece of software in our company and we are looking forward to a continued co-operation with CGTech in the time to come.

Stefan Köwerich Volvo Aero Norway