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Dassault Aviation

Manufacturing Productivity Soars at Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation has used VERICUT since 1992. The site in Seclin, France produces most of the machined parts for Dassault’s planes.

Dassault, Seclin initially purchased VERICUT in order to reduce the number of manual prove-outs using polystyrene material, which represented a significant expense in terms of time and money. Another goal was to validate each step of the long process of producing quality parts for commercial aircrafts. They wanted, for example, to verify one section of the toolpath, then stop and analyze it before moving to the next section. But they also wanted to verify subsequent machining operations without having to re-simulate the first operation. VERICUT’s in-process model capability has enabled Dassault Seclin to save time and operate their manufacturing process to meet their strict quality control standards.

Because they were totally confident in their post-processors (they’ve used them for 20 years), the manufacturing department previously used APT files provided by CATIA for their verification process. Recently, however, they changed a number of their post-processors. During this transition period, VERICUT proved to be an invaluable tool. Because VERICUT also utilizes machine code data, it has enabled them to verify the output of the new post-processors. They now use VERICUT to simulate all their ISO (G-code) files. They have the same, or higher, level of confidence in their verified ISO files as they did in their old post-processors.

Every part manufactured by Dassault Aviation, Seclin is run through VERICUT. The entire manufacturing department is proficient with the program. As a result, the simulation and verification process using VERICUT represents only 8% of the total programming time. According to Alain Deruyck of the engineering manufacturing department, this efficient utilization is possible because of Dassault’s dedication to a quality manufacturing process and the versatility and functionality of VERICUT.