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VERICUT 9.0 – The New Generation of VERICUT

New Graphics Display

Render faster with more realistic and crisper views of cutting processes and machines. Drastic improvements in the view environment - rotate or zoom while cutting, seamlessly switch view types or layouts, and change model translucency, colors or other appearance properties at any time. New flexibility to use major functions (like Section, X-Caliper and AUTO-DIFF) in any view helps programmers get their jobs done faster.

Power & Convenience

More and easier ways to section and measure the part and the machine. Quickly and easily remove viewing obstructions to gain clear viewing of the cutting process. The enhanced X-Caliper tab, with even more options to measure the part or machine geometry, gives programmers confidence to know their NC programs will produce the desired result.

Speed Matters...

Simulate faster in the new viewing environment, and experience dramatic performance increases for additive and grinder/dressing operations. Huge performance boosts to NC Program Review and VERICUT’s free Reviewer application provide significantly faster review times.

Radial Menueband2

Radial Menueband2

Custom Keybinding

Mill-Turn Tooling Enhancements

New Multi Tool Station for turret lathes - easier setup for an arrangement of cutting tools accessed through a turret index position. Activate a tool for cutting via its offset, and check remaining tools for potential collisions with the part or machine.

New Turret Setup feature - speed lathe tooling setup by selecting tools from a list, or drag ‘n drop from VERICUT’s Tool Manager to turret positions (including the new Multi Tool Station).

Identical “sister” tools are easier to setup - simply reference a single tool in the library and set different offsets.

“Restart” and “Stop At” Capabilities

Quickly verify changes made to an NC program, and have more control over the simulation. Initiate Restart action on any line in the NC Program window and the simulation quickly processes up to the restart line, then the display updates to show the result. A new Stop At Line Number/Count option enables programmers dealing with looping and branching logic to stop at a specific occurrence number of processing a line in the NC program.

Radial Menueband2
Radial Menueband2

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